Are you going ORGANIC?

In 1997, sales of organic food and beverages in the US reached $3.5 billion, then in 2004 sales were up to $15 billion!   
This statistic shows that more people in the US are buying organic foods because of all the health benefits they receive out of it.
The nutrients, vitamins, minerals and all the real flavor you get. don‘t forget all the bad things you‘re leaving behind!
The primary focus of organic farming is to build healthy soil, which is the foundation for the whole food chain.
Going organic in the true sense of the word means making a firm commitment to your health as well as to the greater good of the world at large.
Here are the top reasons why you should go organic....
Reduce your exposure to dangerous pesticides
Avoid other chemical risks
Protect your children‘s health
Obtain more nutrients
Promote healthier soil and cleaner water
Say NO to GMO‘s
Be fruitful and Multiply

So, what do you think, should you go organic??
Come in today or sometime soon and check us out,
we look forward to seeing you!

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